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Practice Charter

Rights and Responsibilities of Patients

In line with all NHS organisations, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding aggressive or threatening behaviour and violence. Such behaviour will result in instant removal from our list and could result in police involvement and legal action.

We at The Pendle Medical Partnership are committed to providing the highest possible quality of care for our patients.

As a commitment to the continuity of patient care, our patients can expect...

  • The provision of treatment which is safe and effective, based on the best available evidence
  • To be treated with courtesy and with respect for your rights to privacy, dignity and confidentiality
  • The highest possible standards of care that we will continually look to improve
  • To receive treatment on the basis of your clinical need
  • To be informed on arrival at an appointment if delays are occurring and to receive an explanation of why

As a patient, you have a responsibility...

  • to treat Practice staff politely and with respect. Violence or racial, sexual or verbal abuse is unacceptable
  • to try and follow any advice given to you. If you are worried about doing this, discuss your concerns with the person giving you the advice
  • to give staff full information about your condition including
  • permanent disabilities, along with any medicines you are taking
  • to take any medicines as instructed and seek medical advice before stopping or changing treatment
  • to ensure we have up to date information on your address and telephone number. (or how to contact you at work, if this is necessary)
  • to look after your own health and think about how you could have a healthier lifestyle
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